We Can’t Do This Alone…

Our Goals

- Community Awareness

- Human Trafficking Survivor recovery and restoration to wholeness

- Survivor Transitioning including work to reenter the mainstream

- Lifelong Mentoring

- Supporting the needs of local Law Enforcement and keeping them abreast of the latest education opportunities

- Supporting Prosecutors and Victim Witness Advocates

Aligned with our strategic partners, we work to rescue victims of sexual and labor trafficking and make them whole again in 3 ways:


By educating our community about the reality of human trafficking, we can help schools, churches, parents, and youth prevent and identify incidences of victims of trafficking. Our prayer is this awareness will help end the spread of this social injustice in the Tri-Cities. 


We hope to provide a safe place for rescued victims in the future to provide resources to help aid recovery as they exit the trafficking lifestyle. As we care for these women, we will provide critical services such as medical care, mental health services, transportation and support during the judicial process, transition housing, career development, and life-long mentoring. Our hope is that lives are changed for the future, and the Survivors will have the tools so they can no longer be made vulnerable to others. 


Today, we are deepening relationships with law enforcement agencies and providing support through them to rescued victims. Human trafficking can only be solved when many work together to provide protection and justice.