What we do

Sex, drugs, crime, human-trafficking, exploitation and abuse are all on the rise for teens, runaways, and those who are abducted from their homes. Local law enforcement is doing a great work, but they simply do not have the resources to give 100% dedication to any single case in their burgeoning caseloads. Recover Hope was established to work with local authorities in finding mission and exploited persons and returning them to a safe location.

Why we do it

We love and believe in family, community, and life. In many homes across America the peace and joy in a home can be ripped away when the people we love find themselves in situations that can be harmful to them. Local law enforcement is doing an amazing job, but their caseloads are overwhelming and they often cannot give full attention to any specific “mission person’s” case. That’s where Recover Hope comes in. We work with those who have lost loved ones and need help finding them.